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Retail Intelligence

Strong Cider

By November 17, 2023No Comments

I wandered down to Soho to see the pop-up store of the TikTok famous brand, Cider Fashion. I was curious to see how this ultra-fast fashion brand was going to delight the customer given its popularity. 

Let me tell you, the cider wasn’t very strong.

As a merchant, I found the store to be woefully underwhelming. 

It was more of a trade show booth than it was a true, brick-and-mortar store. Racks upon racks of lifeless and unsteamed clothes.

Visual merchandising stories were lacking and it would appear that store staff had never worked in a retail store before. I was not approached in the store and when I spoke to store staff, they seemed more clueless than Cher…on Clueless.

If stores are going to make the move from online to offline, the physical space needs to tell a story. Products need to be assorted thoughtfully and the staff need to be product and customer-obsessed. These are non-negotiables.