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Retail Intelligence

Use More When Less Will Do. What?

Part of our time over the holidays was spent on a furniture flipping project – we found a great-looking chair that was crying out for new fabric.

In stripping the chair of the old fabric, we probably pulled out close to 100 staples (maybe more) from the seat and back.

In putting on the new fabric, we used less than 20 in total to finish the job. It was a gentle reminder that we don’t need to do so much to get the result we want.

Because we lack of skill or confidence, we default to overdoing it – meet more often than needed to arrive at a decision, talk too much to fill the silence in a conversation, or overthink something that needs to get done instead of just getting it done.

And that provides a simple way to improve how we do our work – by resisting the urge to do more.

Oh, and the “before and after” picture of the chair project is here for your admiration.