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Irritatingly Creating Demand

By February 14, 2024April 3rd, 2024No Comments

I like things that provoke a reaction. Outrage, especially that which is expressed via social media, is a particular favorite.

At the moment, very loud outrage at the presence of Taylor Swift at NFL games is particularly entertaining. Her attendance is apparently irritating to many football fans.

And at the same time, the NFL benefits by getting a helping hand in generating demand with female viewership. 

Whether or not that demand will hold over the long term is another question. “Taylor Swift Effect” is certainly measurable, but I think it will be short-lived. Efforts for international expansion, streaming partners and deeper relationships with the sportsbooks will be far more lucrative.

Regardless, even a brand as powerful as the NFL must continue to generate demand, not just meet demand, to thrive.

And for those who might be concerned that somehow the league will lose their core customer, just note that Super Bowl 58 is now the highest-watched telecast ever.