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Retail Intelligence

“I’m Closing Your File” and Other Lies

You have probably been on the receiving end of cold email pitches from software companies or SEO providers. Often, you are on the receiving end of what’s called a “cadence” of emails designed to get you to respond and set a meeting with the sender.

If you don’t respond (and why would you, most of those emails are poorly composed and generic), you then get a “breakup” email saying that if you’re not interested in whatever is being pitched to you, “I will close your file.”


They will find a reason to reach out again.

Retailers are doing the same thing with their promotional activity. No longer are discounts reserved for Black Friday or Cyber Monday only. Those fixed boundaries for discounts are not so fixed anymore, at least according to a recent article over at Modern Retail.

From advanced promotions, pre-Black Friday, extended Cyber Monday and so on…these deals are losing their significance and customers can tell.

Fun fact: I’m still getting “last chance” emails from brands saying that their 60% discount is here for a limited time.

If you want the customer to take advantage of the deal, create urgency, create scarcity. Have a hard cutoff for the deal and stick to it.

Otherwise, I’ll have to close their file.