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As respected thought leaders in retail, sales, and loyalty, we are often called upon to provide our expert opinions and perspectives on key issues facing the industry today. 

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The Retail Code

The Retail Code -

Conversations with Retail Experts

Gary Newbury and I talk about the traditional role of the merchandiser/merchant, leaping into the wonderful world of retail supply chains and inventory management (specifically accuracy or lack of it and the implications across channels).

April 2021

This Commerce Life

The Merchant Life meets This Commerce LifeLiza Amlani, Kenny Vannucci and Phil Chang geek out on retail and talk omni-channel, next trends and how the consumer behaviour has changed.

February 2021

Maximizing Loyalty

Interested to learn more about what loyalty can do for your business?

In this podcast, Raj talks about why loyalty programs work and how to businesses can put loyalty to work for them.

November 2020
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Future of Retail

Listen to our thoughts on The Future of Retail and how small to medium sized businesses can leverage digital and 2-way communication with the customer and survive this retail apocalypse.

September 2020
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The Retail Code

Introducing The Retail Code - Conversations with Retail Experts

Gary Newbury and I will talk about the impacts of localization in #retail from sourcing, manufacturing, supply chain and logistics and if some things should just stay Global.

March 2021
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The Positive Effect

A conversation about refining the fabric of retail, leadership and much more.

Liza spoke with April Sabral of RetailU on LinkedIn Live on how leaders need to have empathy and retail teams must collaborate in order to be customer-centric.

February 2021
CRE Masterclass

Future of Retail

We lead the discussion during CRE Innovation Network's Masterclass on The Future of Retail and how retail-thinking can be transferred to unconventional areas like commercial real estate.

October 2020
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Future of Retail

Liza Amlani talks about the future of retail, brand ecosystems and sustainability with Nikolas Badminton, Futurist

March 2021

Future of Retail

What does Digital Transformation in Retail really mean? 


A fireside chat with Jonathan Tate and Simplifield's Jeremy Kratz.

November 2020

Future of Retail

Have a peek at our discussion with Dig Insights CEO, Paul Godette, and "The Future of Lux" author, Erwan Rambourg, as we discussed The Future of Retail at this year's Digital Ignite Conference.

September 2020