"The New Normal."

One of the most nonsensical phrases I have ever heard.

Especially coming from an acting background.


Acting teaches being present in the moment and adapting to the current situation.

More specifically, Stanislavski states:

“On stage and in life we adapt our behaviour, voice, mannerisms, etc. in response to the situation."

Old/new normal, abnormal or paranormal - doesn't matter, you just adapt.

The events of 2020 introduced a seismic level of disruption.

And we had to adapt accordingly.

Personally, it was important to gain new skills, take more risks and think much bigger - not just about career, but the type of lifestyle I want to create.

Building a business is a part of that, not just a side hustle for a few extra dollars, but one that enables dramatic growth for other businesses.

Excited to do this with my partner Liza Amlani and formally announcing our consulting practice, Retail Strategy Group.

I work with Liza to uncover opportunities to help companies in the retail space.

Already we are working with innovative retail tech companies and are set to launch our newsletter, The Merchant Life, later this month.

As we grow, new changes will hurtle towards us and we stay present as they do, ready to adapt.

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