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Leaving You Unfulfilled

Volume Six of The Merchant Life dropped today and we talk fulfillment.

Here's a preview:

You select your 3 stripe tracksuit online, checkout, pay and choose free delivery as you have met the minimum order requirement.

Ideally, the product comes off the shelf in the warehouse and gets expedited on over to you.

But, many other things can happen after you click to buy:

- An email is sent to you saying the item you bought is out of stock.

- The wrong size/colour arrives at your door.

- The item never arrives.

These situations are common and you may wonder why.

From my retail life, here is 1 scenario I encountered:

Our sea delivery was infiltrated by pirates (This is legit. Cargo theft and weaknesses in supply chain security are more common than you think!) and our systems showed the inventory in transit and we prematurely sold it to you. So, the thing you bought - we actually can’t send it to you.

The bottom line is that when product doesn’t reach the customer - you lose trust.

You lose your customer’s loyalty.

And they move on to the next brand.

Shout out to Chloe Willcox for contributing her insights to the newsletter for this week.

The Merchant Life - Volume 6

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