The Merchant Life - So Over It

Today's newsletter recap is a focus on overdevelopment, our culture of consumption and how the cycle can be broken.

From a fashion perspective, we produce way more product than what is actually needed. This results in a cycle of overdevelopment which repeats itself every season.

We discuss the causes and consequences of over-development. We sat down with Lindita Xhaferi-Salihu, Sector Engagement Lead for the United Nations Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Change, to add her insights.

You will also find a case where we outline reducing overdevelopment in materials management as applied to a $40B global retailer.

Coming up this week, This Commerce Life hosted by Kenny Vannucci and Phil Chang airs - we discussed the importance of #omnichannel, seamless integrated customer experiences, Amazon vs. Walmart, and if physical retail was dead.

The Merchant Life - Volume 4

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