The Merchant Life - Shop Local. Maybe.

Volume Ten of The Merchant Life dropped today and we talk about the impacts of globalization in retail from sourcing and manufacturing to supply chain and logistics.

Is localization the way forward or should we just stick to global supply chains?

Take a read and find out what we think!

A few things we covered:

🌐 Supply chains in crisis and disruptors like that "stuck boat".

🌐 If shifting your supply chain to a local model is the way to go.

🌐 What is really driving retailers to pick a lane.

💡 RSG Insights reflects my own experiences as a merchant & product developer and why I worked with a local designer on producing Caban's cashmere program.

Shout out to Gary Newbury, supply chain and last-mile expert, for giving us his insights on global vs. local supply chains and what the secret sauce to supply chain could be.

The Merchant Life - Volume 10

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