The Merchant Life - Selling is Dead, Or is it?

Selling is DEAD. Or is it?

Here's a typical interaction at a retail store:

Sales Associate: "How can I help you today?"

Customer: "I'm just looking, thanks."

Customers are guarded when entering a retail store. Maybe they know what they want already, they need a walk after the food court or they really are JUST LOOKING.

We've been conditioned to be weary of salespeople - either in person or over the phone. At the same time, sales staff often been relegated to being disposable assets, given a manual to read from and expected to drive store KPI's with little support.

In this week's edition of The Merchant Life, we argue that while enabling to buyer to buy across all channels is essential, people buy from people and basic sales skills are still crucial today.

Roger Simpson from The Retail Solution and Fatimah Kennedy, a GM at Tory Burch, contributed insights as to what is happening on the shop floor today. Livescale, a live shopping platform, talks about the importance of sales staff tapping into storytelling and connection.

We also discuss why merchants need to partner with their sales teams, informercials, and why we call retail sales staff the "Department of First Impressions."

The Merchant Life - Volume 2

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