The Merchant Life - Retail, Customer Data, Loyalty - The Trifecta

Volume Seven of The Merchant Life dropped today and we talk data.

💡 Here are five things you'll discover in volume 7:

1. Why a social media influencer is buying up brands like RadioShack, Pier 1 and Modell's Sporting Goods.

2. What the difference is between financial engagement and emotional engagement with a brand.

3. Frequent flyer programs ✈️ have a similar level of valuation as brands like Costco Wholesale and Gucci.

4. A retailer's competitive advantage is their proprietary data.

5. Data may have cost Tampa Bay a World Series title. Would have been really nice to have that alongside the Superbowl and Stanley Cup. Almost a #trifecta...

Shout out to Lia Grimberg (she, her), former Sr Director of Loyalty and Analytics Loblaw Companies Limited, for providing her insights on how data fuels loyalty.

The Merchant Life - Volume 7

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