The Merchant Life - It's Getting Excessive

Volume Eleven of The Merchant Life dropped today and we talk about excess inventory, where it comes from, where it goes and how much it costs retailers.

Why do retailers buy so much in the first place?

A few things we covered:

🏷️ The cause of excess inventory - where it goes and what it costs.

🏷️ How retailers get rid of product that doesn't sell.

🏷️ Approaches to minimize product heading to landfills.

💡 RSG Insights talks about the emotional rush of getting into an exclusive warehouse sale. Events like these have powerful gravity, attracting thousands of shoppers.

Shout out to Oliver Berg, VP of StyleDemocracy, for giving us his insights on his excess inventory solution, what has had to shift because of the pandemic, and what the future holds.

The Merchant Life - Volume 11

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