The Merchant Life - Collision 2021, The Retail Review

In this week’s The Merchant Life newsletter, we recap some of our learnings from the Collision conference which wrapped up this past Thursday.

Highlights include the following:

💡 How merchandisers could act like Priceline to clear excess inventory and not devalue their brand.

💡 Why customers need to be placed at the center of the universe.

💡 How retailers can leverage the booming popularity of resale to learn more about their customers.

Shout out to Melissa Minkow of CI&T, Rosie Bailey of Nibble, Stephanie Atanasovski of Cotton On Group and Davide Petramala of Avaya for contributing - and on short notice we might add!

Big thanks to the team Collision Conf for putting on a great conference!

BIG ❤️ thredUP & BIG ❤️ Rent The Runway

The Merchant Life - Volume 13

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