No doubt, I love Retail.

From making my own clothes before I could drive to spending nights designing and sewing in fashion school.

My love for this industry could be considered as obsessive.

That is why I have dedicated my entire professional career - 20+ years, to retail and fashion.

Working in consulting with the biggest sportswear brand in the world as my client, here is what I saw:

Only a handful of talented consultants that I worked with came from industry and really understood what it meant to CREATE.

To really and truly actually make something, design it, develop it, sell it.

To see what it meant to conceptualize a product and see it come to life, online or in a physical store and in front of a real life customer.

To see the joy and ultimate rush that comes with putting product in front of a customer and they are buying it, wearing it, and loving it.

There is no greater feeling as a retailer. Creating and selling product and seeing your customers return for more.

Seizing the moment as retail is being reinvented, I give you Retail Strategy Group, a consulting practice in partnership with the loyalty expert, Raj Dhiman.

A consulting practice with insider expertise.

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