Nike Live is not a new concept. They first launched in 2018 and these store concepts are more relevant than ever, with another 200 stores in the works.

Nike continues to WIN and the key to their success is that they evolve, have seamless integration across all channels, and their customers (aka members) are at the centre of their evolution and digital transformation.

The pandemic will have forever changed the way retailers and customers look at brick and mortar stores and if you are not a transactional store then you must evolve your physical retail and what you give your customers.

Nike Live is more than just a smaller version store.

They are part of the community, offering a space and product mix for likeminded enthusiasts, customized and tailored to the neighbourhood they are in. They are hyper-personlized in their assortments and the services they offer their customers.

It is a seamless. It is connected. It is customized.

No doubt, Nike is winning right now.

Size matters but so does what's in store.

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