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We are excited to have Liza Amlani on to discuss accelerating speed to market in the retail space, how to successfully address inefficiencies by limiting waste and using customer-focused digital technologies across channels in the retail space, and the importance of preparing for unprecedented events like COVID-19, and more. In a rapidly changing climate such as the one we live in, it is vital for companies to be confident in making swift changes to their business to ensure longevity.

Traditionally, companies debuted new products once or twice a year in conjunction with industry trade shows, but times are changing. Today’s consumers want new products to be delivered fast and within their timeframe, and they also want their products to be sustainable. As it stands now, legacy brands seem to face challenges in meeting these demands. During the pandemic, we also saw that many companies were unprepared for massive events that impacted production. With climate change, retail production will continue to be impacted in the future, so companies need to think ahead to meet these challenges. Join us to hear Liza’s advice to retailers and other companies to help them be prepared for unpredictability and be at the forefront of the industry in a fast-paced world.


Listen to the full podcast here: