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It’s been an amazing opening season for the show, but now we have reached the Razor’s Edge – the end of our first season! Ready to finish with a bang? We’ve got a special guest host – yes, that’s right, guest host – Liza Amlani, principal and founder of Retail Strategy Group and The Merchant Life newsletter!

Liza turns the tables on our regular hosts, Ricardo Belmar and Casey Golden, to hold a mid-year check-in on their Top 10 Predictions for 2022 from Episode 4. Then, Liza walks our guests through highlights from throughout the season, remembering great moments with Andy Laudato, COO of The Vitamin Shoppe, Ron Thurston, author of Retail Pride and host of the Retail in America tour and podcast, and Gautham Vadakkepatt, director of the Center for Retail Transformation at George Mason University. Listen in to see if your favorite moments from Season 1 made it to the Razor’s Edge!