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Over the past month, Fashion Week events have been making headlines worldwide, as brands unveil their Fall/Winter 2022 collections. From New York to Paris, London to Milan, energy on this season’s runways could be felt across the industry. For retail buyers, it is essential to not get distracted by the “made-for-paparazzi” moments and focus instead on the over-arching trends that you customers will be looking for later this year.

We spoke to former apparel merchant turned retail influencer, Liza Amlani of The Merchant Life, and she says classic styles that have longevity with hints of trend are the key to a great product mix.

“Aligning with your end customer’s values on resale, sustainability and well-made products are so important when building your assortment. The value of buying and designing styles that will stand the test of time will never lose its luster but adding a few trends will keep customers curious and interested. Staying relevant is critical…but within reason.”


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