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With a combination of technology and strategy, retailers can overcome the challenges posed by excess inventory built up in their supply chain.

Chain Store Age recently spoke with Liza Amlani, principal of the consulting practice Retail Strategy Group, about excess inventory trends currently impacting the retail industry. Amlani, who has worked with retailers including Walmart, Nike, and Ralph Lauren Europe in a 20-plus-year career, explained how excess inventory is not a new issue, but new solutions are available to address the problem.

Historically, what issues have retailers faced with excess inventory?
I can go back to the start of time to discuss excess inventory issues, just because we’ve always been planning product the same way. I was in the retail industry for 22 years before switching into consulting, and even to this day, my previous teams are still planning the same way. So, that should tell you that we still line plan and sort product in the same way, with core versus fashion. Retailers haven’t really incorporated the seasonless concept model.


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