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Learn how retailers can leverage contact center insights to get to the heart of the customer and provide better experiences.

“Thanks for calling! Please listen carefully as our menu options have recently changed. For customer service, press 1. For returns, press 2. For information on your delivery, press 3. For all other inquiries, press 4. To speak to a representative, press 0.”


“Our representatives are currently assisting other customers, please hold.”


Ah, yes. Phoning the contact center of a retailer. Often irritating for the customer. Often a missed opportunity for the retailer. Here’s the deal: anyone who engages with a customer has power. Power to drive revenue, build customer loyalty and inform organizational change. Too often, that power is squandered.

The experience consists of the customer looking to have a simple question answered: “Where’s my order?” for example. A maze of menu options is presented and a higher than normal call volume extends the time on the phone. Eventually, the question is met with an answer and the interaction ends. This can also be replicated through online chat.

Sometimes, a customer is asked to fill out a survey to provide feedback about their interaction. Usually, it’s up to the customer to choose from five different faces or a thumbs up/down/sideways and the retailer counts that as meaningful insight.


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